Types of Letters with Examples

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Types of Letter

Letters date back to the time when ancient Egyptians wrote to the dead asking for help. People separated by distance had only one way of communication back when paper and pen were the only means. And that gave birth to the graceful art of letter writing. It became commonplace in the 18th century and more contemporaneously faced a cultural shift which created a dent in its importance but the impact remains the same, if not more.

Although it doesn’t make you much of a Shakespeare or a Lincoln, writing letters helps to put your essential self and the chain of your thoughts on a piece of paper whether you mean it or not.

Here, let’s take you through the plethora of different letters and what they mostly include.

What Is a Letter?

A letter is a handwritten or printed message, in the simplest of meanings. It is a written conversation between two parties and is usually sent via post or mail.

Most of our formal communication now, with business entities and the government and related agencies happens through letters. Although it faced a decline in the personal level, it is very important that we know when and how to write each type of letter for business purposes or at least for the sake of formal communication.

Types of Letters

The various types of letters according to the occasion are listed with their subtypes below:

Acceptance Letter

An acceptance letter is the formal, affirmative response in the form of a letter confirming an invitation, job offer, scholarship, contract, gift, etc. It includes:

  • Job Acceptance Letter
  • Scholarship Acceptance Letter
  • Internship Acceptance Letter
  • College Acceptance Letter
  • Interview Acceptance Letter

Acknowledgment Letter

Whenever you receive business documents, the letter that you send immediately after the receipt is called an acknowledgement letter. It includes:

  • Acknowledgement of Payment Letter
  • Acknowledgement of Sales Letter
  • Acknowledgement of Documents Letter
  • Acknowledgement of Order Letter
  • Acknowledgement of Change in Date Letter

Agreement Letter

A letter that expresses agreement over a particular issue that has been previously discussed and debated upon is called an agreement letter. It includes:

  • Roommate Agreement Letter
  • Marital Dissolution Agreement Letter
  • Partnership Agreement Letter
  • Operating Agreement Letter
  • Service Agreement Letter

Announcement Letter

An announcement letter is a letter written to let others know about a certain event or happening beforehand which concerns them. Includes:

  • Distributor Announcement Letter
  • Offer Announcement Letter
  • Tour Announcement Letter
  • Sales Announcement Letter
  • Retirement Announcement Letter

Apology Letter

An apology letter is a letter for not being able to do something or for having done something wrong, owning it completely and showing genuineness in the acceptance of fault and suggesting solutions if possible. Includes:

  • Apology Letter for a Missed Appointment
  • Missed Interview Apology Letter
  • Customer Complaint Apology Letter
  • Business Client Apology Letter
  • Delay Apology Letter

Appeal Letter

An appeal letter is a letter you write when something unfair, discriminatory or harsh has happened to you, and you want the decision to be reconsidered, and later overturned. Includes:

  • Health Insurance Appeal Letter
  • Financial Appeal Letter
  • Property Tax Appeal Letter
  • Disciplinary Appeal Letter
  • Unemployment Appeal Letter

Application Letter

The letter you write when you request for something, ask permission for something, or apply for something, is an application letter. Includes:

  • Job Application Letters (see Cover Letters)
  • Application Letter Seeking Permission
  • Scholarship Application Letter
  • Application for Leave of Absence/in Advance
  • Application for a Seat in the Hostel

Appointment Letter

An appointment letter is a document that is written by the employer requesting the selected candidates to join in a specific position in their company. Includes:

  • Permanent Job Appointment Letter
  • Temporary Appointment Letter
  • Part-time Appointment Letter
  • Contractual Appointment Letter
  • Sales Appointment Letter

Appreciation Letter

A letter of appreciation is a letter written by one party to another to thank the latter at a personal level. Includes:

  • Appreciation letter to a Friend
  • Appreciation letter to a Neighbor
  • Appreciation letter to a Boss
  • Appreciation letter to an Employee
  • Appreciation letter to a Colleague

Authorization Letter

A letter where one party gives another party the temporary authority to act or perform a specific task, is called an authorization letter. Includes:

  • Travel Authorization Letter
  • Medical Authorization Letter
  • Short Sales Authorization Letter
  • Claim Authorization Letter
  • Document Collection Authorization Letter

Birthday Letter

The letter written to wish someone on their birthdays is called a birthday letter. Includes:

  • Birthday Letter to a Family Member
  • Birthday Letter to Spouse
  • Birthday Letter to a Friend
  • Birthday Letter to Boss/Employer
  • Birthday Letter to Your Teacher

Cancellation Letter

A cancellation letter is a written document issued by one party in an arrangement to communicate the decision to cancel the entire or part of the arrangement. Includes:

  • Reservation Cancellation Letter
  • Order Cancellation Letter
  • Subscription Cancellation Letter
  • Event Cancellation Letter
  • Contract Cancellation Letter

Certification Letter

A letter of certification is written to formally certify the information at hand. Includes:

  • Salary Certification Letter
  • Medical Certificate Letter from the Doctor
  • Internship Certificate Letter
  • Work Experience Certificate Letter
  • Training Certificate Letter

Charity Letter

A letter that requests for help by asking money is called a charity letter. Includes:

  • Charity Letter for Mentally Ill Patients
  • Charity Letter for the Homeless
  • Charity Letter for the Victims of a Calamity
  • Charity Letter for Street Children
  • Charity Letter for Medical Treatment

Claim Letter

The claim letter is a letter written by a customer to a business identifying a problem or more with their product or service. Includes:

  • Claim Letter for Damaged Goods
  • Insurance Claim Letter
  • Warranty Claim Letter
  • Claim Probated Letter
  • Claim Objection Letter

Collection Letter

A letter informing customers of his due payments is called a collection or dunning letter. Includes:

  • Initial Collection Letter of Overdue Payment
  • Reminder Collection Letter
  • Offer Assistance to Customer Having Difficulty in Handling Overdue Bill Collection Letter
  • Demand Payment Collection Letter
  • Final and Initiation to Take Legal Action Collection Letter

Complaint Letter

A letter which is written to the authority asking for adjustments is called a complaint letter. Includes:

  • Late/Mishandled Delivery Complaint Letter
  • Police Complaint Letter
  • Item Defect Complaint Letter
  • Contractor’s Complaint Letter
  • Pricing Complaint Letter

Condolence Letter

The letter that is written to show sympathy or feel sorry for someone who has suffered a loss is called a condolence letter. Includes:

  • Funeral Condolence Letter to an Acquaintance
  • Condolence Letter to a Coworker
  • Condolence Letter to Professor
  • Official Condolence Letter

Confirmation Letter

A letter that summarizes the verbal agreement between two parties is called a confirmation letter. Includes:

  • Employment Confirmation Letter
  • Oral Agreement Confirmation Letter
  • Payment Confirmation Letter
  • Delivery Confirmation Letter
  • Loan Confirmation Letter

Congratulations Letter

The letter written to congratulate someone for their achievement is called a congratulations letter. It includes:

  • Congratulations Letter for Completing Graduation
  • Congratulations Letter for the Birth of a Child
  • Congratulations Letter for Job Promotion
  • Congratulations Letter for Getting a New Job
  • Congratulations Letter for Completing a Training

Cover Letter

A document letter that is sent with a resume that provides additional information about your skills and experience is called a cover letter. It includes:

  • No Experience Cover Letter
  • Marketing Manager Cover Letter
  • Junior Financial Controller Cover Letter
  • Data Analyst Cover Letter
  • Software Engineer Cover Letter

Credit Letter

The letter that guarantees that a buyer’s payment to his seller will be received in full and on time is called a credit letter.

  • Import Letter of Credit
  • Export Letter of Credit
  • Credit Card Rejection Letter
  • Credit Card Approval Letter
  • Credit Reference Letter

Criticism Letter

The letter that is written by the authority to warn an offensive behavior or an inappropriate action done by a person or an employee is the criticism letter. It includes:

  • Critical Letter to an Employee
  • Critical Letter to a Coworker
  • Critical Letter to a Classmate
  • Critical Letter to a Neighbor
  • Critical Letter to the Editor

Dismissal Letter

A dismissal letter is a letter issued for an employee to terminate them from their service. It is of these types:

  • Dismissal letter for employees without unfair dismissal rights
  • Dismissal letter for employee’s poor performance
  • Dismissal for redundancy
  • Dismissal for reasons beyond the employee’s control
  • Dismissal for misconduct

Dispute Letter

The letter written to dispute errors in your report is called a dispute letter. It includes:

  • Dispute Letter to Creditor
  • Dispute Letter to Credit Bureau
  • Dispute Letter to Bank
  • Dispute Letter to Collection Agency
  • Payment Dispute Letter

Donation Letter

The letters that are meant to inform your donors about your efforts and ultimately encourage donations are called donation letters. Examples include:

  • Personal Donation Letter
  • Hospital Donation Letter
  • Social Cause Voluntary Work Donation Letter
  • Donation Gratitude Letter
  • Donation Letter to a Library

Endorsement Letter

This is simply the letter that endorses a person or program. It includes:

  • Employee Endorsement Letter
  • Product Endorsement Letter
  • University Endorsement Letter
  • Student Endorsement Letter
  • Internship Endorsement Letter

Farewell Letter

It is the letter which you write when you say goodbyes to your acquaintances. Includes:

  • Farewell Letter to Boss
  • Farewell Letter to Colleague
  • Farewell Letter to a Friend
  • Farewell Letter to the Teacher
  • Farewell Letter to Client

Follow Up Letter

This letter is written after you have written the original letter and is a shadow to that. Includes:

  • Grant Follow-up Letter
  • Proposal Follow-up Letter
  • Payment Follow-up Letter
  • Vendor Follow-up Letter
  • Sales Follow-up Letter

Friendship Letter

The letter that you write to communicate with your friend or celebrate your friendship with them is called a friendship letter. Includes:

  • Funny Friendship Letter
  • Letter to a Best Friend
  • Casual Friendship Letter
  • Letter to a Friend on Friendship Day

Fundraising Letter

The letter written to raise money for a charitable cause is called a fundraising letter. Includes:

  • Celebration Fundraising Letter
  • Education Fundraising Letter
  • Fundraising Letter for Someone Sick
  • Conference Fundraising Letter
  • Bank Fundraising Letter

Grievance Letter

The formal letter used by employers to make a formal complaint to their employer is called the grievance letter. It includes:

  • Grievance Letter Notifying Harassment Issues
  • Grievance Letter for Breach of Contract
  • Grievance Letter Against Work Ethics of Employees
  • Legal Grievance Letter
  • Grievance Response Letter

Inquiry Letter

The letter written requesting for information is called an inquiry letter. Includes:

  • Scholarship Inquiry Letter
  • Seminar Inquiry Letter
  • Conference Inquiry Letter
  • Association Inquiry Letter
  • Admission Inquiry Letter

Internship Letter

The first step to initiate the internship application process is the internship letter. It includes:

  • Internship Acceptance Letter (see Acceptance Letter)
  • Internship Application Letter (see Application Letter)
  • Internship Cover Letters (see Cover Letters)

Interview Letter

The letter written to job applicants calling them for the interview is called an interview letter. Includes:

  • Interview Call Letter
  • Post-Interview Letter
  • Interview Response Letter
  • Interview Follow-up Letter see (Follow-up Letter)
  • Interview Acceptance Letter (see Acceptance Letter)

Introduction Letter

When the writer wants to introduce someone or something to the recipient, the writes an introduction letter. Includes:

  • Contractor Letter of Introduction
  • Teacher Introduction Letter to Parent
  • Self-Introduction Letter
  • New Restaurant Introduction Letter
  • Product/Service Introduction Letter

Invitation Letter

The letters sent to invite the recipient to an event is called an invitation letter. It includes:

  • Invitation Letter to Attend an Exhibition
  • Sales Invitation Letter
  • Invitation Letter to Attend a Fundraising Event
  • Business Event Invitation Letter
  • Auction Invitation Letter

Marketing Letter

The letters written to carry out the promotion of new products or services is called a marketing letter. Includes:

  • Business Marketing Letter
  • Follow up Marketing Letter
  • Direct Marketing Letter
  • Insurance Marketing Letter
  • Marketing Letter to Friends and Family

Order Letter

A letter that related to placing an order or the order itself is called an order letter. It includes:

  • Letter Notifying the Inability to Fill Orders
  • Purchase Order Letter with Terms
  • Order Granted Directed Verdict
  • Letter to Change Order
  • Verbal Order Confirmation Letter

Permission Letter

The formal letters written to seek permission for something are called permission letters. They include:

  • Permission Letter for Research
  • Permission Letter for Picnic
  • Permission to Access Records Letter
  • Permission Letter for Hosting an Event
  • Permission Letter to Set up a New Business

Promotion Letter

A promotion letter is an official letter written by an employer in an organization to the employee who has just undergone a promotion. It includes:

  • Bus Charter Promotional Letter
  • Sales Promotion Letter
  • Reply to a Promotion Letter
  • Promotion Letter to an Employee
  • Acceptance of Promotion Letter

Proposal Letter

A proposal letter is a professional letter or document that is written to communicate a new idea to a party that can support or finance your idea, or to a prospective client to explain how your idea can solve their problems. It includes:

  • Partnership Proposal Letter
  • Sales Proposal Letter
  • Interior Design Proposal Letter
  • Investment Proposal Letter
  • Professional Services Proposal Letter

Recommendation Letter

A recommendation letter is written for the purpose of recommending a person for a new job, university admission and other roles he or she may have applied for. It includes:

  • Academic Recommendation Letter
  • Sales Recommendation Letter
  • Job Recommendation Letter
  • Landlord Recommendation Letter
  • Scholarship Recommendation Letter

Reference Letter

A letter referring one person and his skills and abilities to another is called a reference letter. Examples include:

  • Scholarship Reference Letter
  • Credit Reference Letter
  • Volunteer Reference Letter
  • Court Reference Letter
  • College Reference Letter

Request Letter

A request letter is written to draw the attention of the reader concerned to some particular demands or claims of the writer. It includes:

  • Request Letter for Driving Records
  • Requesting Credit Limit Increase Letter
  • Request for a Cheque Book Letter
  • Request for Issue of Voting Card
  • Request Letter for Changes in Contract

Resignation Letter

A resignation letter is a letter written by an employee to the employer, announcing the decision to resign from his current job or designation. It includes:

  • Teacher Resignation Letter
  • Withdrawal of Resignation Letter
  • Career Change Resignation Letter
  • Response to a Resignation Letter
  • Nursing Resignation Letter

Retirement Letter

A retirement letter is written on the event of the retirement of a senior employee. Examples include:

  • Army Retirement Letter
  • Employee Retirement Letter
  • Employer Retirement Letter
  • Thank-you Retirement Letter
  • Retirement Letter to a Client

Romantic Letter

A letter written to the close ones expressing love is called a romantic letter. Samples include:

  • Romantic Letter to Spouse
  • Romantic Letter to Girlfriend/Boyfriend
  • Wedding Anniversary Romantic Letter
  • Long Distance Romantic Letter
  • Poetic Romantic Letter

Sales Letter

The letter written to increase sales and promote your product/service is called a sales letter. Such a letter includes:

  • Selling Incentives Sales Letter
  • Sales Letter to Current Client
  • Sales Letter to Potential Client
  • Sales Letter to Past Client
  • Product Update Sales Letter

Scholarship Letter

The letter written to award or request for a scholarship is called a scholarship letter. Includes:

  • Scholarship Reference Letter (see Reference Letter)
  • Scholarship Rejection Letter
  • Scholarship Application Letter (see Application Letter)
  • Scholarship Award Letter
  • Scholarship Acceptance Letter (See Acceptance Letter)

Sorry Letter

The letter written to apologize for a mistake is called a sorry letter. Examples include:

  • Sorry Letter to a Family
  • Sorry Letter to Spouse
  • Sorry Letter to a Friend (see Apology Letter)
  • Sorry Letter to a Teacher
  • Sorry Letter to an Acquaintance

Sponsorship Letter

A sponsorship Letter is a letter written to raise money from donors who support an idea, event, etc. Examples Include:

  • Event Sponsorship Letter  (See Fundraising Letter)
  • Church Sponsorship Letter (see Donation Letter)
  • Corporate Sponsorship Letter
  • Sponsorship Letter for Educational Purposes (See Fundraising Letter)
  • Sponsorship Letter for Sports Club (see Donation Letter)

Termination Letter

The letter written to bring an end to a contract, an employment etc. is called a termination letter. Examples Include:

  • Insurance Termination Letter
  • Employment Termination Letter
  • Lease Termination Letter
  • Agreement Termination Letter
  • Tenancy Termination Letter

Thank You Letter

The letter written to express gratitude for something the recipient has done for you is called a Thank-you Letter. Examples Include:

  • Thank-you Letter for Referral
  • Volunteer Thank You Letter
  • Gift Thank You Letter
  • Employer Thank You Letter
  • Invitation Thank You Letter

Transfer Letter

The letter written to make the recipient known about a change in current positions is called a transfer letter. Examples include:

  • Job Transfer Letter
  • Property Transfer Letter
  • Appraisal Transfer Letter
  • School Transfer Letter

Warning Letter

The letter to warn someone about their misconduct or for violation of rules is called a warning letter. Examples include:

  • Warning Letter to a Customer for Credit Suspension
  • Warning Letter to Employee
  • Warning Letter to a Neighbor

Welcome Letter

The letter written to greet someone to a new place is called a welcome letter. Examples include:

  • Welcome Letter to a New Employee
  • Welcome Letter to a New Account on Account Activation

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