Congratulations Letter : Types and Steps of Writing

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If you are wondering how to congratulate someone, calling them over the phone might seem the easiest. But that cancels out the joy that comes from receiving a congratulations letter. A thoughtful message carved to congratulate someone shows how proud you are for them. It adds a personal touch to and makes you an eager participant in their celebration. Whether you are congratulating someone on their new-born baby or a friend who just found a new job, you can write a congratulations letter that will reflect your thoughts and sentiments towards them.

This is probably the only letter where you can chalk up something short and sweet or long and thoughtful as someone who has watched the achiever struggle and grow to achieve something this big.

What is a Congratulations letter?

A congratulations letter can be written for a lot of different purposes as you will see shortly. Whatever the occasion, the reason remains one and the same: to congratulate.

A congratulations letter is the letter written to congratulate a person or an organization on their outstanding achievement or successful accomplishment of a task.

Such a letter is always used with good judgment; in times they are truly warranted. Otherwise, the meaning is lost.

Types of Congratulations letters:

Congratulations letters can be classified into 2 broad categories. They are:

Personal Congratulations Letter: It includes:

  1. Congratulations Letter for Completing Graduation (sample)
  2. Congratulations Letter for the Birth of a Child
  3. Congratulations Letter for Getting a New Job
  4. Congratulations Letter for Getting Engaged or Married
  5. Congratulations Letter for Buying a New Home
  6. Congratulations Letter for Opening a New Branch
  7. Retirement Congratulations Letter
  8. New Business Congratulations Letter
  9. Congratulations Letter for an Achievement (sample)
  10. Congratulations Letter for Scholarship

Non-personal Congratulations Letter: It includes:

  1. Congratulations Letter on Completion of a Training
  2. Congratulations Letter for Job Promotion
  3. Project Accomplishment Congratulations Letter
  4. Congratulation Letter to a Politician on an Election Win

Features of a Congratulations Letter:

You need to ensure the following in your congratulations letter:

  1. It should help the recipient to feel a connection with you, since you are a well-wisher, and make him/her feel good about himself.
  2. If a person is your subordinate or works under you, you can send him a congratulations letter too. This will help you strengthen your relationship with them and call for a healthy workplace.
  3. The letter should always be sent at the right time to enhance the meaning and impact of it. The reader you feel that you are genuinely congratulating him, and not doing it out of formality.
  4. The language should be warm and positive.
  5. Their achievement should be of focus.

Steps to Write a Congratulations Letter:

You can include the following steps to write a congratulations letter to your recipient:

  1. Congratulate them in the beginning before anything else on what they have achieved.
  2. Say how impactful this accomplishment is, what it means to you and him.
  3. Relate an instance that you remember from his journey so far as you have watched.
  4. Ask for a meet-up or a celebration and end with a positive tone.

Tips to Remember:

While writing the letter, you will need to take care of the points and not include them in your letter, knowingly or unknowingly:

  1. Do not show jealousy or sarcasm in your letter.
  2. Do not exaggerate.
  3. Don’t show your happiness in a manner that the reader thinks you are in a shock seeing them achieve.
  4. Do not sound bitter.
  5. Do not start speaking of your own accomplishments.
  6. Do not over-praise the reader.
  7. Do not compare him to others.

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