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Protecting the privacy of the users is our topmost priority. This policy covers the actions of LetterSamples.NET when users visit the website. The website automatically receives and records some information like geographical location, IP address, user activities, software and hardware attributes etc. Those are the standard practices throughout the internet these days, so there is nothing to be alarmed by.

Usage of the Collected Information
Letter Samples uses the collected data set internally and vows never to share them publicly. This information is collected to build user profiles so that the algorithm can provide a personalized user experience tailor-made for each of our valuable guests. We collect this information to help the visitors -

  • Operate our site better
  • Improve user experience
  • Deliver personalized contents
  • Improve our site engagement
  • Build long-term relationships with our users


The term "Personal Information" refers to the type of data that can be used to identify a person on a personal level. For example, name, email, phone, social security number, postal address, credit/debit card information, pictures identifying the person, screen name, shopping habits, screen name, social media handle, IP address, education information, professional/career information, and so on are examples of this type of information.

However, we may only ask for your name, email, phone number, and location on our site if necessary. We will not ask for any other personal information, and if we do, we will duly notify our users.

We will not ask for payment information because we do not have any commercial products or services. However, suppose we add any commercial services or features to our site. In that case, we will change our privacy policy and notify you. Until then, this condition will apply to the entire area.

We only collect personal information from those who freely provide it. If a user does not choose to share personal information with us, there may visit the site anonymously. Please be aware that some aspects of the site may not work properly while browsing anonymously.


This refers to information that cannot be used to identify a person personally. Instead, such information reveals the personality of the visitors' devices rather than their own.

The technical information listed below are a few good examples of non-personal information -

  • Browser type and version,
  • The operating system in use,
  • Device type,
  • Screen size,
  • Internet service etc.


Our users are not asked to provide sensitive information (ethnic or racial identification, religious or other opinions, political views, medical difficulties, criminal record, property information etc.). For example, suppose any of our services demand sensitive information. In that case, we notify users of safe routes for providing such information, and we guarantee that the information will be kept secret forever. As a result, please refrain from posting such sensitive information on our website.

Use of Cookies
We use cookies to enhance the quality of the user experience on the website. LetterSamples.NET can assure our visitors that no illegal practices are performed via our cookies system. In addition, visitors can change their cookies preferences from their respective browser settings.

User Protection

To secure personal and non-personal user data under our control, we utilize appropriate data collecting, processing, and storage techniques and feasible online and offline, internal and external security measures. We utilize adequate physical, electronic, and managerial security measures to prevent unwanted/unauthorized access, deletion, alteration, or distribution to/of the user data.

Data Sharing Policy

We, at LetterSamples.NET, never sell, trade, exchange, or rent any personal and sensitive information of the users to anybody unless they expressly consent to it. However, we may share non-personal statistical and demographical data with our trusted affiliates and consultants. We may share similar information with third parties, such as analytics or mailing services, to help us manage our site and provide our services more efficiently.

Newsletter Policy

We may send service announcements, updates on our services, news connected to our services and organization, and other information if a user specifically opt-in to our mailing list.

We may share user information with third-party mailing services to make our mailing system more efficient and user-friendly. These third parties may have their privacy and terms of service policies. By signing up for our mailing list and opening any emails sent to them, users agree to abide by their privacy policies and terms of service.

However, a user can always unsubscribe from our mailing list by following the instructions underneath our newsletters.

Advertising Policy

LetterSamples.NET relies on third-party advertising to keep its free services running. Third-party advertisers may use cookies and other data collection methods and collect, store, and distribute user data without the permission of LetterSamples.NET. To safeguard the safety of our readers, we only utilize trusted ads, such as Google Adsense. To read Google Adsense privacy policy, CLICK HERE ads.html

Nonetheless, we have no control over the advertisements and disclaim any responsibility for any damage or problem that may arise due to the contents of the commercial.

Policy Changes

LetterSamples.NET may update this privacy policy at any time. All recent updates to our privacy policy are directly listed here. Check back if you wish to learn more about them.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, suggestions, comments or complaints you may have. We are always looking to improve.

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