Welcome Letter : Definition, Types and Format

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A heartfelt and cordial welcome from someone known or unknown gives off a sense of caring and makes people feel recognized, no matter the place. It makes them feel wanted and helps the recruits and new employees to avoid the inferiority complex they would otherwise feel at their workplace. Thus they recognize the job as a good choice because of this feeling of comforting that they get. A welcome letter is the means to provide them with this feeling.

A welcome letter is not only a good gesture in the workplace; it provides a good chance to let the reader know about the surroundings and prepare for future events.

Definition of a Welcome Letter:

A welcome letter is a gesture of gallantry and a show of warm feelings for the reader. It is a way of showing your appreciation for the person joining your company in the professional context.

A welcome letter can be formal or informal. A formal welcome letter is written to the new employees, workers or boss. It has a professional approach to it. The informal welcome letter is written in a more casual manner, it could be welcoming a friend, family member, or a neighbor. A welcome letter is basically an ice breaking between two people or parties.

Types of Welcome Letters:

There are different kinds of welcome letters. They are:

  1. Employee Welcome Letter
  2. Welcome Letter to a New Account on Account Activation
  3. Personal Welcome Letter

Format of a Welcome Letter:

You should have the following in your welcome letter:

  1. If you are writing to welcome an employee, firstly mention the letterhead of your company. If it isn’t available, you must include: Company name, Return address, Telephone number, and Email address. You can also include a fax number, and the company website.
  2. Now include the date and recipients mailing address.
  3. Now start the letter with a salutation mentioning the name of the recipient. You can greet formally or informally depending upon your relationship with the recipient.
  4. In the first paragraph, mention a welcome message for your reader. For example: “Welcome to (Group name). We are delighted to have you here.”
  5. Now in the next paragraph mention the introduction of the company and mention the company’s mission and vision. You can also mention who you are and what you do for the company and you would like the new employee to join you in this venture.
  6. Then you will mention the joining date, address of office and reporting time. Then give a brief description of where to report, what to wear, lunchtime, etc. Basically, give a small description about the schedule he’ll be going through that day as it is his first day.
  7. Then on the next section attach the contact information of the supervisor or under whom he’ll be working so that if the reader has any queries, he/she can get in touch with you regarding any issues.
  8. On this last section, close the letter on a positive note and let the recipient feel welcomed and important.
  9. Send an employee a handbook along with the letter if you feel like it.

Tips to remember:

Don’t forget to do these:

  1. Proofread the document for errors, and to make sure that all information contained here is correct.
  2. Make sure the tone matches your relationship in the letter.
  3. Don’t use a computer-generated signature.
  4. Don’t get over friendly or out of your professional way while greeting the new employee or customer/client.

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