Write a Birthday Letter to Family, Friends and to Others

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A birthday is the most anticipated day in a person’s calendar. On this day, you wish to tell them exactly how you feel about them, thank them for all the things they have done for you and cherish the bond that you share. But you cannot always muster up the words to eloquently express your feelings. So you think of writing a birthday letter, putting your thoughts into writing. Or perhaps since you currently live abroad, writing a birthday letter to that person would make him go over the moon.

Types of Birthday Letters

Let's see how to write a friendly and warm birthday letter to the person you love and hold so dear to you. But first, we look at a few possible types of birthday letters below:

  • Birthday Letter to a Family Member
  • Birthday Letter to Spouse
  • Birthday Letter to a Friend (sample)
  • Birthday Letter to Boss/Employer
  • Birthday Letter to an Employee
  • Birthday Letter to Your Teacher

Steps in Writing a Birthday Letter

Like in every other letter, this shall contain the date of writing, followed by the name and address of the person written to. Perhaps this is the only formal touch in the letter. The subject line is not necessary. Address the person with a warm greeting.

  1. Commence the letter by wishing the person happy birthday and congratulating him on reaching this new milestone in the path of life. Some light-hearted humor at the beginning, revealing the depth of your bond, shall put both the writer and the reader at ease. It is better to keep the jokes within context.
  2. If the letter is to a friend or lover, bring up a brief history of the relationship between the two of you. You may also want to take a little walk (or run) down the memory lane and revisit some precious old memories that laid the foundation of your friendship. Speak of the stories and moments over which you bonded. Remind the person how the two of you became friends and how it has been an incredible journey since.
  3. Proceed to tell the person why he or she is so important to you. Tell them how their presence in your life has impacted you and how their support and encouragement have helped you come a long way and changed your life. Let them know how they have shed light on other people’s lives as well.
  4. You can speak of some of the unique qualities of the person. Tell them what you love about them the most and also everything that you have learned from them. If the person you are writing the letter to is senior to you, you may also tell them how you would like to emulate them. If the person is someone younger, tell them that you are proud of them.
  5. Throughout the letter, you can stress how the person has grown to be such a lovely human being. Wish them a happy birthday one last time and pray for their success and happiness. Let them know that you are always there for them just like they were for you.

Tips to Remember

  1. Since this is more of a personal letter, it is best if handwritten instead of typed. Not only it suits the occasion, but that way it also appears less stern and more natural.
  2. As an informal letter, the birthday letter follows no predetermined structure. So use your best judgment to write a letter that connects with your reader and evokes feelings of nostalgia and happiness.
  3. The tone of the letter depends on whom you are writing. If the reader is a friend or a lover, you may use more special and funny references. If the reader is your son or daughter or someone very young, maintain a playful and affectionate tone. But if the reader is someone elder to you, retain some formality to show respect. 



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