Endorsement Letter : Definition, Types and Format of Writing

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An “endorsement” is done by a person who has agreed to promote or approve of something or someone. The most common form of endorsements that we see are celebrities endorsing brands. Since they are widely known because of the sports they play or the movies they make, they are chosen to promote the brand so that it can get a wide reach, compared to what would happen if regular people like us talked about how good or beneficial something is.

Although not exactly written to increase the reach, endorsements letters share the same base. Continue reading this article to find out all about it.

Definition of an Endorsement Letter:

An endorsement letter is the letter written to endorse a person or a program. Obvious, isn’t it? Such a letter is written by a former employer or a business associate to support the fact that the person being endorsed by them is a good candidate or a trustworthy person, and they are vouching for it, in one sense or another.

Again if you want to sign a movie star for the promotion of a product, you will need to write the endorsement letter.

Types of Endorsement Letters:

There are 3 major kinds of endorsement letter. They are:

1. Professional Endorsement Letters: It includes:

  • Employee Endorsement Letter
  • Product Endorsement Letter

2. Academic Endorsement Letters: It includes:

  • University Endorsement Letter
  • Student Endorsement Letter
  • Internship Endorsement Letter
  • Scholarship Endorsement Letter

3. Personal Endorsement Letters: It includes:

  • Endorsement Letter for a Friend
  • Character Endorsement Letter

There is also Government Endorsement Letter about which you will learn later.

Format of an Endorsement Letter

Writing an endorsement letter is an easy task if you know how. Look at the following steps to learn how to write an endorsement letter:

  1. Firstly, include the basic information, i.e., your name, company name, address, city, state, zip code, and contact information. After this write the date. Now include the recipient's name, address, city, state, zip code and contact details.
  2. The first paragraph will contain the reason you are writing for. But first, introduce yourself or your company, then state why you intend to endorse the person.
  3. The main body should contain the reason behind your endorsement. You can explain the records of what the person/company/product did for you or your business, how they benefited your company, increased your sales, solved your networking needs, etc. You can also include the details of the person's employment with you or your knowledge of their skills, accomplishments and qualifications if the endorsement is for job applicants. If for products, you have to let them resonate with your brand and be keen on working with you.
  4. In the closing part, you can suggest the same one more time while initiating contact.
  5. Don’t forget to sign above the typed name as you end.

Tips to Remember:

  1. Proofread the document for spelling or grammar errors, and to make sure that all information contained in the letter is correct.
  2. Details related to the endorsement relationship should be mentioned and ensure that not one party will do such an act that can breach the endorsement contract.
  3. The terms related to the payments must be mentioned. Details related to the mode of payment should be included as well.
  4. Guidelines related to the termination should be mentioned as well. You should also add information related to the insurance policies if there in case there are accidents or mishaps happening to the subject during the term of the contract.
  5. The figures must be mentioned clearly.
  6. The letter should be short and straightforward.
  7. The language of the letter must be professional.
  8. The letter shouldn’t be hand-written. It should be typed and printed out.
  9. A copy of this letter should be submitted to the legal department.

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