Announcement Letter: Types, Samples and How to Write

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Announcement Letter

If you’ve watched certain movies, you may have seen a royal official who carries a handbell and shouts thrice before making public announcements in the middle of a crowd; preferably, a market place. This means of communication between the king and the townspeople were called the town crier. If this town crier was assigned to write a letter in this day and time, he would write the announcement letter, exactly.

And no, not just business officials, you and I can take the role of the present-day town crier. As to how we can do that I will present here shortly.

What is an Announcement Letter?

An announcement these days isn’t just confined to what the Royals have to say. You can announce the promotion of an employee, the hiring of a new employee, a job opening, a new policy, launch of a new product/service, retirement, upcoming event, etc. Not just for these, you can even write an announcement letter in response to a rumor, about your wedding, the death of a known person, baptism, graduation, birthday, etc. A letter announcing any of these can be an announcement letter.

To be precise,  an announcement letter is a letter written to let others know about a certain event or happening beforehand which concerns them. Any consideration that people need to be aware of, goes in the announcement letter.

Types of Announcement Letters:

The letter varies according to the situation and the recipients, not to mention the announcement itself. They can be broadly classified into 2 types:

  • Personal Announcement Letter (sample)
  • Business Announcement Letter

Personal announcement letter includes:

  • Birth/Death announcement letter
  • Name change announcement letter, etc.

Business announcement letter includes:

  • Audition announcement letter
  • Auction announcement letter
  • New employee anouncement letter
  • Resignation announcement letter
  • Training announcement letter
  • Ownership transfer/Change of ownership announcement letter
  • Promotion announcement letter
  • Distributor announcement letter
  • Offer announcement letter
  • Tour announcement letter
  • Sales announcement letter, etc.

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How to Write an Announcement Letter:

Here I will include what you should do to write a proper agreement letter:

Before Writing:

Collect all the necessary information regarding your announcement first. If you writing to announce a wedding, the date, the venue, the time, names of the groom and bride are important details. Again, if you are announcing new employment, the name of the employee, his new post, whom he will report to and when his joining etc. are points to consider. Make sure you have the knowledge of what you are letting know.

After gathering information, now is the time to outline. All good letters are results of great outlines, so to speak. The framework will help you shrug off the unnecessary data that you collected, making your letter more precise. Also, it will help maintain the order of events and be easier for the reader to understand.


Now is the time to make a draft based on your outline and information.

  • Official announcements are more impactful if they come with the company letterhead. It establishes authority, not to mention attracts attention. You can use a printed letterhead if available. Don’t fret if your announcement is rather personal or informal. In that case, just add your and the recipient’s information after the date and proceed to the subject line.
  • After the subject line, add a fitting salutation according to your relationship with the recipient.
  • If it is not about resignation or death, or any negativities, try to start with a positive tone. People are resistant to change and your announcement might be that change for someone. Starting with a positive note makes it easier to accept what it is. Now write the purpose of this letter, that is, your announcement. Be straightforward as you write the announcement itself. Use of vague terms might hinder understanding and you will be bombarded with replies asking what meant what.

If you are announcing something negative, take the no-nonsense approach and lay it out as it, while sounding professional.

If you are making a personal announcement, showing your enthusiasm and excitement in your letter is very natural, and required. Happiness is contagious, you know.

  • In the second paragraph, add necessary information to back up or add to the announcement previously made. If you are announcing about the promotion of an employee, motivate others to work diligently to get the same benefit. If the announcement letter is written for a certain occasion, mention the details concerning it here.
  • The ending paragraph should be a statement of goodwill and after that, your signature and typed name should bring an end to the letter.

After Writing:

Make sure you followed the tips I added!

Announcement Letter Writing Tips to Remember:

  • Stick to the content and pay attention to the details.
  • Use simple language and keep it short.
  • Be gracious (and professional) in your letter.
  • Use the letter as an opportunity to build goodwill.
  • Proofread for grammatical and spelling errors.
  • To make your announcements stand out, make them emphatic and use the right words.


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