Certification Letter : Types, Format and Samples

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If you know, a formal document that affirms the happening of something is called a certificate. In this competitive time and age, to have the professional edge or for a self-developing venture, many are seen to undertake programs and courses that enhance their personal and technical skills, which as a result increases the weight of their resume. For the successful completion of a course or performance of a task, the certificate is handed to a person, as one of the marks of his achievement. Now what we do need to know is that it is sometimes accompanied by a letter, known as the certification letter. As meaningful as it is to a student, it is to an employee; when applying for a job, such letters come in handy and are required by the applicant to submit along with the cover letter.

Let us find out how it is written.

Definition of a Certification Letter:

The letter written to certify and verify the information at hand, in the process of applying for something or having completed something is called a certification letter.

Types of Certification Letters

Certificate letters can be divided into four categories:

  1. Personal Certification Letter. Includes:
  • Voluntary Work Certification Letter
  • Achievement Certification Letter (sample)
  • Training Certification Letter
  1. Academic Certification Letter:
  • Internship Certification Letter
  • Graduation/Degree Certification Letter
  • Course Completion Certification Letter
  1. Business Certification Letter:
  • Salary Certification Letter
  • Work Experience Certification Letter
  • Achievement Certification Letter
  • Employment Certification Letter (sample)
  1. Medical Certification Letter

Format and Content of a Certification Letter:

A certification letter can verify different information. It can confirm the place and length of employment, salary, job description, and job title; an investment; business and personal details for visa application; credit details and financial status, etc. It is essential that the information it includes is accurate and correct. Especially, the date, the numbers, and the names. Even the location is a point of consideration. Everything needs to be factually correct since the information provided will be officially certified.

Anyway, let us see how the necessary certification letter is written.

  1. Details of the person certifying the information or the name of the company under whom/which the activity was done needs to be at first. The date should follow this. After that, the details of the recipient should be added. His full details need to go in, as is the case with any certificate. All information must be pinpointed to leave no room for misunderstanding. There may be two people with the same name or address in the same company. So, contact details or employee ID number will be helpful to ascertain the identity of the person.
  2. Add the subject.
  3. Add a cordial salutation and address the person by their name.
  4. State the purpose of the letter. If this is the certification letter of employment, thank the employee for being with you and working together for that duration in that post and department. Mention the impressive qualities of the person according to the context that made him stand out or that proves his worth briefly. If there were any performance appraisals that will be helpful for his prospects or future employers, include that too. The letter should assess both the employee’s character and behavior. If you think too much information is cramming the first paragraph, you can add all of this additional information in another.
  5. In the ending paragraph, wish them luck and hope that their future goes well, or that this experience helps them in pursuing their career objectives.
  6. Sign and end.

Tips to Remember:

  1. The language should be formal no matter how friendly the relationship is between the employer and the employee.
  2. The information must be credible.
  3. The letter should certify positivities only.
  4. There shouldn't be any inclusion of stories or funny, remarkable jabs. It is a letter certifies a person's hard work and maybe a document that praises him a little or more. But isn’t the place for pals to exaggerate how beautiful their friendship has been. We have friendship letters for that.
  5. Check for errors before sending the final thing. This letter is of utmost importance and use. Any error might influence the person’s opportunities.


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