Letter Writing

Complaint Letter : Definition, Types and Format

The letter which contains a request for an adjustment is called a complaint letter.

Collection Letter : Types and Steps of Writing

The unexpected, intentional/unintentional delay in payment compels the debtor to write a collection letter

Claim Letter : Definition, Types and Process of Write

The letters which make claims due to a faulty product or disservice from a company the sender had made

Charity Letter : Types and Steps

The letter written by a person or organization asking another person or organization for charity for

Certification Letter : Types, Format and Samples

The letter written to certify and verify the information at hand, in the process of applying for something

Authorization Letter: Definition, Types and How to write it

A letter that gives a third party an authority to act on your behalf temporarily is called an authorization

Appreciation Letter: Definition, Types, and How To Write it

A letter of appreciation is a letter written by one party to another to thank the former at a personal

Appointment Letter: Definition, Kinds and How to Write it

An appointment letter is a document written by the employer to inform the selected candidates to join

Application Letter: Definition, Types and How to write it

If you’ve been following, the letter you write when you request for something, ask permission for something

Appeal Letter: Types, Steps and How to Write

APPEAL LETTER:An appeal letter is the letter you write when something unfair, discriminatory or harsh

Apology Letter: Types, Steps and How to write

The simplest definition of an apology letter is a letter that says sorry. But often saying sorry isn’t

Acceptance Letter: Types, Samples and How to Write

An acceptance letter is defined as the “formal indication of a successful application.” There can

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